9 X  Hydro Xtreme HX50W-P

9 X Hydro Xtreme HX50W-P

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– 100 serviettes de 9" x 16.5" par boite
– Sensation semblable au tissu
– Très absorbant
– Très peu de charpie
– Compatible avec les solvants
– Performances incroyables dans des conditions
– sec et mouillé
– Lavable et réutilisable.


Hydro Xtreme wipers are a new class of industrial paper wipers that are manufactured without binders or chemical adhesives. These wipes are produced using spunlace technology which entangles pulp fibers onto a strong polypropylene substrate using high velocity water jets. This hydroentangling process creates an incredibly strong nonwoven wiper that has extremely good wet and dry strength and is compatible with chemical solvents. White wipers are ideal for use in wiping applications where grease and grime detection is critical.